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Meditate To Create

Meditate to Create
Meditation Series

Welcome to Learning a Visual Language - You have everything you need to do it.


It’s all in an image -

During the 6 weeks you will learn to create images for common energy concepts you hear all the time, but aren’t shown how to do it. 

How often do you hear the phrase “Let it go” but has anyone ever shown you how to actually do that?? 

If you want to learn to do it for yourself - and develop the skill - this series is for you. 

You will participate in class using the techniques taught and learn where and how to start applying them immediately. 

It’s fun,

  • "Centered" - Call your energy back from being scattered

  • "Grounded" - letting go of what’s not yours- connecting to your body

  • "Replenish Your Energy" - call your energy back to yourself

  • "Boundaries" - identifying your space and being separate from what’s happening in your environment

  • "Lighten up" - how to use neutral energy to change when things get heavy

  • Bring your Amusement- because it makes everything fun

There are many studies on the benefits of meditation in general, at the same time Aesclepion maintains that meditation is personal and what you gain maybe completely different from someone else. In addition, meditation is dynamic, so the benefits and changes are ongoing each time you do it. Meditation at its base is the practice of connecting to oneself. Checking in with yourself so to speak.

Call or email to find out more information and register for the next Meditation series. 

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