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Your Attention is Valuable

Your "attention" is your most valuable commodity.  Where do you place your attention?  If you look around there are many demands for your attention -  Advertising is a great example - Have you ever asked yourself  "What do they want from me?" -  Of course if they get enough of your attention- they may also get your dollar, your time, your emotional connection.

Notice that as you read along,  how you place your attention on the words here on the monitor; yes, down here   -   out in front of you.
But try this... as you read, imagine the distance between you and these words.  Bring your attention back into your head.  Notice that difference.

That is right, you can read the words while keeping your attention in your head.  Play with this: look across the room at something and while seeing it, draw your attention back into your head.

What you will find on this site is not so much about aesclepion, but rather what you are going to find inside your own head.  So enter - armed with your amusement - remembering that you can be aware of something without giving it your attention! 

Psychic Lessons - John Fulton, Founder
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