Let's All Meditate - Free 15 Minute Meditation



Dance to your own drummer they say.  
How do you hear your own beat if you are constantly dancing to the music someone else is playing around you?  Dancing to someone else's tune.  To hear oneself, one has to create a moment of listening.  Listening to yourself, your beat, your internal rhytm.  That rhythm is uniquely yours.  Taking a minute to meditate puts you back in touch with you. A moment to hear yourself.
When you hear your own rhythm it then becomes your dance.  
Meditation can be fun, simple and you don't even have to take it seriously.  
It actually works well when amused. 
So... how about looking at your space,  your space.... 

'Let's ALL Meditate' is a campaign to sell you on yourself!
Every Tuesday we'll take 15 minutes to simply slow it all down and go within.
No problems to solve, only a moment of quiet, simple, guided meditation.
Free 15 Minute Meditation
Free 15 Minute Meditation
Free 15 Minute Meditation