Let's All Meditate - Free 15 Minute Meditation

15 minute phone meditation
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Wednesday, June 27th at 4pm pt
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Guess what? There is nothing wrong with you! 


Your life is not a problem to be solved; you are designed for success.

Let's define success as being in communication with yourself / hearing your inner compass. As with any relationship, the communication requires some listening.


When was the last time you took a few minutes to listen to yourself?  

How do you do that?

Good question, particularly when there is so much competition and demand for your attention. That's how valuable your attention is - everyone wants it!


Imagine just for a brief moment each day, you disconnect from all that is being demanded from you by your external environment and simply go within. 

Reconnect to yourself - Check in on the most important status update - your own!


'Let's ALL Meditate' is a campaign to sell you on yourself!

We'll take 15 minutes to simply slow it all down and go within.

No problems to solve, only a moment of quiet, simple guided meditation.