What have you been conjuring up in your wildest dreams?

Have you considered the Kingdom of Morocco?

We depart San Francisco headed to Casablanca. Doesn't the name, " Casablanca" bring forth images of adventure and romance? What greater romance than the romance (affinity) you generate between you and your body. Your expression of this energy is unique to you. This adventure is designed to be a space for free range of expression and room to discover new parts of yourself to bring forth. 

The female divine has long been inspired by beauty and nature. And that is the essence of this pilgrimage, inspiring, engaging our female nature. Imagine a day learning from Moroccan women preparing for Hamman and sharing beauty secrets, sharing a meal, henna tattoos, and dancing - that day is on the itinerary. 

We have the opportunity to say hello to women we meet along the pilgrimage path; sharing female information, updating our power and bringing the vibration up a notch; creating space for all women to take a step (and yes dance steps count!).

Let's visit the exotic land of Morocco where the vibrant colors of textiles, the smell of spices from the local Souk, and the taste of mint tea set the stage for our women's pilgrimage. A pilgrimage designed around eating, dancing, beauty secrets, and shopping. Yes, I just used the word shopping in describing a women's pilgrimage. It's all about the fun and celebration of having a female body; that personal dance you have with your body - adventure, romance come to life.


As you read through the itinerary you'll see the adventure includes garden tours, sights of the Blue City, a perfume workshop, carpets, and spice cooking tour, Sufi Dinner, visit to girl's empowerment camp, Mosques. What sense get stimulated for you? What inspires you?


Check your passports and see you in Morocco.  

Call or email with questions.

elizabeth carol
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